The following videos feature public appearances, interviews, events on topics of migration, music, and colonialism.


left of black (duke University)

An interview on my research.

AFro-Asian Atlantic (Princeton University)

A showcase on Afro-Chinese arts exploring the legacy of enslaved African labor and Chinese indentured labor in the Caribbean, Kerry Young and Hannah Lowe craft narratives that reconstruct and trouble colonial history.  The currents of Black Atlantic and the Overseas Chinese converge in their novels and poetry that tackle themes such as intimacies out of wedlock, masculinities, and criminality set in Kingston, Jamaica’s Chinatown and gambling dens in London’s East End. In their writings, Jamaican patois and southern Chinese dialects are woven together to construct narratives of the Afro-Asian experience in the Americas. Together with historian John Kuo Tchen and literary scholar Tao Leigh Goffe, the authors will discuss contemporary Caribbean literature and the formations of Asian and African diasporic culture.

writing in the dark (Princeton University)

A book discussion with award-winning author and professor Caryl Phillips (Yale University) with Prof. Tao Leigh Goffe on black identity, Brexit, and travel in Europe.



A Book Talk with Prof. Dan-el Padilla Peralta (Princeton University, Classics) and Prof. Tao Leigh Goffe (NYU SCA) on Undocumented in the Academy: A Dominican Boy's Odyssey from a Homeless Shelter to the Icy League. A discussion on Afro-Caribbean Identity, the Dominican Diaspora, Roman Classics, Migration, and Memoir.


Nana Dijo: Film Discussion on Afro-Latinidad (NYU)

A film discussion on Afro-Latinx identity across the hemisphere.


Caribbean Queens: A Digital DJ’ing Showcase (NYU)

A digital DJ showcase of student work on transphobia in Jamaica, sexuality, and slackness.


Diasporic Oral Histories of Chinatown (Wing On Wo)

Oral Histories of the Diaspora, June 14th, 7PM How do oral histories document generations past and present? How do these stories shape our future? What are the stories you've been waiting to tell? Four multimedia storytellers, scholars, and organizers share their work documenting personal, local, and global stories of the diaspora.


Living and Being undocumented: Sanctuary Syllabus (NYU)

A lecture presented with Prof. Diana Taylor for the unit “Sin DACA, Sin Miedo: Living and Being Undocumented” of the #SanctuarySyllabus class convened at New York University in 2018 on my personal experience being undocumented and creating a soundtrack for sanctuary.